Leanne provides a range of professional management consulting services, from operational service delivery through to high level strategy and planning.

Organisational and Operational Reviews

  • Comprehensive independent reviews of operations, structure and effectiveness of organisations in the health and emergency management areas.
  • Proactive review is useful to ensure that an organisation is meeting stakeholder expectations and appropriately managing risk.  Alternatively, an organisational or operational review may be commissioned in response to a recent adverse event.
  • A Review focuses on best practice and alignment with relevant legislative and industry frameworks.
  • An independent and constructive evaluation and list of recommendations is the end result of a review.

Business Development

  • Strategy – Preparation of strategic plans; organisational structure.
  • Tactics – Business level planning.
  • Operations – Operationalisation of strategy; human resource factors.
  • Processes – Re-design of business processes, policy and data capture.

Investigations and Reporting

  • Leanne specialises in Internal investigations; independent complaint investigations; objective reporting and high quality presentations.

Research and Development

  • Leanne has applied her academic background to research projects resulting in positive organisational change across a range of industries.

Recruitment and Human Resource Management

  • Leanne has extensive experience in recruitment and selection processes and can undertake all roles including Chairperson of a Panel, using best practice recruitment techniques.   She can also advise on performance management and other human resource functions.
  • Leanne also offers a personal service to clients requiring assistance with the compilation of applications and resumes for all levels of position.   
  • Her specialty is in the area of international recruitment, having developed a strategy which has resulted in the recruitment of over 200 skilled workers from the United Kingdom.  She has developed all aspects of the process, including advertising to a selected market, conducting the selection process in the UK, and, on behalf of the employing organisation, assisting with immigration processes to enable the appointees to secure permanent residency visas.